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The Red Commerce SAP White Papers section provides the chance for SAP Professionals to leverage content they have written to a wider audience.  You can find the latest White Papers below and also submit your content directly at the bottom of the page.

Latest White Papers

Why Integrating Process and Data Seamlessly Can Give Businesses a Competitive Advantage
16 July 10 - 09.44AM | Peter Kuipers

Companies have traditionally invested enormous efforts to get process right and then gather data to understand the performance of the business. Those two dimensions have not been typically coordinated with the result that a chicken and egg effect was triggered requiring more and more work to get to the desired arrival point. I have written a paper on this topic and how an alternative approach can really add competitive advantage. >Click here to download

The Importance of Stakeholder Management and Communication
17 May 10 - 05.22PM | Norman Reedern

This paper aims to discuss one of the success-making factors for any international rollout and in my opinion the single most important factor – Communication.
>Click here to download

Implementing Fill or Kill Business Scenario in SAP

24 Mar 10 - 11.58AM |
Isard Haasakker

Implementing Fill or Kill Buisness Scenario in SAP discusses the implementation of the 'Fill or Kill' process in SAP. This is highly important for Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry ( products) and pharmaceutical companies selling over-the-counter medicines. This white paper gives your customers a starting point to implement the 'Fill or Kill' process quickly. >Click here to download

Stock Control - Benefits of an Integrated System
24 Mar 10 - 11.53AM |
Isard Haasakker

The ‘stock control’ white paper is for everyone who want to get a first impression how valuable an integrated system can become from a customer perspective. >Click here to download

Configuring SAP Legal Control

 24 March 10 - 11.50AM |
Isard Haasakker

The Configuring SAP Legal Control whitepaper is technical and describes how to implement SAP Legal Control functionality for pharmaceutical companies operating within the United Kingdom. >Click here to download

How to avoid Product Recalls triggered by Delivering Medicine Version 1.0
15 Jan 10 - 09.34AM |
Isard Haasakker

'Delivering Medicine' will be be useful for all managers in pharmaceuticals based businesses as it provides a quick self assessment of their SAP system regarding compliance. >Click here to download

Complacent or Compliant Version 1.3
15 Jan 10 - 09.15AM |
Isard Haasakker

'Complacent or Compliant' is a document that will be useful for contractors who are about to work for a pharmaceuticals business for the first time. >Click here to download