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Over the years, many of Red’s clients have asked for our assistance on various aspects of their SAP projects. Red recognised the need to support our partnerships and provided the required knowledge and SAP team solutions through the best talent from our vast network of top SAP professionals.

Our focus shifted from the provision of the most qualified resource for the role, to the set up and management of a complete team of SAP experts engaged on global roll outs and complex SAP project implementations.

As those engagements were getting more and more successful our client base started asking us to take more ownership and deliver a complete SAP project solution to their needs which could be used, under their control, to drive all their SAP initiatives.

As news of our results continues to spread, more clients are interested in learning about our new exciting capabilities. Red Commerce is pleased to provide a full range of SAP project services covering a wide range of client needs throughout the SAP product lifecycle.

Welcome to RedSolution.

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