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Day 3 SAP SAPPHIRE Now Round Up from Orlando

Dream Shot ! Hasso Plattner and SAP two co-CEO Bill McDermott & Jim Snabe - What were the odds to meet them all?

SAP's SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando is over for another year but not to worry for it will be back in Madrid in November coupled with TechEd. We hope you've had a great few days and enjoyed many of the fine keynotes, tracks and of course Van Halen.

Here is our final day round-up, a day which incuded keynotes from the Chairman of the SAP's Supervisory Board, Hasso Plattner and also Vishal Sikka - Head of Technology and Innovation - who discussed how SAP HANA is simplifying customer experiences and delivering enterprise scale. To be honest it was a very HANA focussed day!

Quote of the day:

“Please, please, please, my dear competition,” Plattner said, pleading, “We can beat each other and fight each other as much as we want and argue, but do not predict how a system really works when you really don’t know and don’t want to know. Either be better informed, or don’t do it.” - Hasso Plattner

Tweet of the day (it was practically trending)

Take Note! Developer licenses for HANA and NEO are now FREE. This is huge! #SAPPHIRENOW by John Appleby (@appleby)

  • For our Round-up of Day 1 Click here
  • For our Round-up of Day 2 Click here

Owain Wood is RED'S Global Marketing Manager. He is responsible for all Marketing activities across the globe and currently manages a team of four. 

He has over 7 years experience working with online media, B2B & B2C marketing, promotions, events and joined RED from a background working in the media, for some of the UK's largest media groups.  

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